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Eight22 Paris Avenue

On Chill

On Chill

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For my ice lovers (myself included). The best and I mean the best ice to have on a hot day (or any for that matter) is “Crushed” (inserts praise moment)! This is the best accessory to remind you of how great life gets when you buy the largest and I mean LARGEST cup of crushed ice. It just makes everything better! 



- White Silver Plated Copper

- Diameter: 2.75", Thickness: 3mm, Ball size: 8mm, Length: 7.5"

- Bangle with screw end ball cuff


-Antique Silver Tone Large Hole Charm Rhinestones (Diameter: 10-15mm, thickness: 6.5-10mm, hole:4.5-5mm)

-Assorted Blue Large Whole Bead


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